Jumat, 30 Agustus 2013

i dont mean to hurt u buddy. i did LOVE U.

assalam, holla bloggers !!! dah naik bersawang blog ni aku rasa.. 

ok, its simple im writing this entry to express all my intention and all the kekalutan yang melanda sejak beberapa minggu ini.
dear there, i dont mean to hurt u nor to stabbing ur back, im done all this coz i know have something that u should know. but,  maybe i was wrong in taking the step. bhahahaha. entah pape INGGERIS aku.!
Honestly deepest in my heart, langsung tak terdetik tok playing game or what ever,just i dont think its will be nice to hold again. better kita hilang sesuatu yang di impikan than kitye merana keran nya.. 

sincerely, i love both of u.but its hard to make it normal once its change.